39 Lovely Fall Boots Shoes Ideas For Women To Try Asap

Another year, another line in fashionable shoes, so, what’s hot and what’s not in footwear fashion for 2011. Well, we can say that the uppers are going to be a little taller, the heels too, and the colours and styles a lot bolder than ever before.

When it comes to footwear, it is fair to say that women are the luckiest – fortunately, really, as all women tend to love shoes – fashionable footwear is much more exciting for women, because shoe trends move so quickly, there are always new footwear fashions with which to experiment. So what are the latest styles available in shoes for women? Here, we will discuss some the top styles, and the most fashionable up and coming trends in footwear.

Military Boots
Perfect for the winter, spring, and autumn months, military boots are going to be hot news in fashion circles this year, a trend that will probably last a few years – much like the UGG-style boot trend of recent years.

Military boots, as the name suggests, are modelled on the style of footwear worn by members of the Armed Forces, they come in a range of sub-styles, but there general characteristics are a tough leather material, a functional and practical, hardwearing boot. Incredibly fashionable, they will look great if you team them with your skinny jeans; they will add an aura of masculinity to your look, without over doing it.

Funky Wellies
Perfect for all seasons; in summer, great for festival goers; in spring and autumn, great for warding off the rain from our tootsies; and in winter, great for keeping feet warm: the welly is truly a gift from the great. Funky wellies go one-step further; they look great as well as being highly practical. As a style of shoe, they really match a casual style of clothing only; they work best when worn with skinny jeans and a funky t-shirt or jumper, layered with a thigh-length cardigan or casual jacket.

Fur Lined Boots
Fur is a huge trend this season; you will see it on every type of clothing; including fur lined jackets, cardigans, and skirts. However, concerning footwear, faux fur is a big hit; expect to see plenty of boots on sale with some sort of fur embellishment, from the traditional style of recent years – with the fur-trimmed rim – to modern designs, with a fur detailing upon the outer stitching. Depending on the particular style of shoes for women you choose, you will need to match your outfit differently – so no advice here as to what looks best. Expect to see fur trim on many styles of footwear, from flat moccasins, to over-the-knee boots. This brings us nicely on to the next trend:

Over-the-Knee Boot
A huge fashion in women’s footwear this season, the knee-high-boot, is much more subtle than previous incarnations. The trick with this style of shoe is to ensure that no flesh is visible; this means teaming boots with thick tights, leggings, and skinny jeans.


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